Roots & Wings Floral specializes in intimate sized weddings. Our clients describe us as artistic, natural, texture-loving & unlike any other florist in Pittsburgh. We use the natural elements from the earth like bark, fruit, wood planks and moss to balance our design compositions. Jenn uses a large variety of wild flowers, succulents, herbs, grasses, branches & vines to bring movement to her pieces.
The Earth is important to us, as it is the Source & inspiration for our work. We are continually educating ourselves on cleaner products & about ethical growing practices. Jenn is the only designer in Pittsburgh who promises to not use in-house topical preservative on her flowers. We are truly committed to our clients & to our Mother Earth. We'd love to talk to you about your vision.

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"Roots & Wings is a forward-looking conscientious business. I don't know anyone like them in Pittsburgh. Jenn is a wonder person and amazing artist." - Review 2019

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